Sadly, so many of Dorothy’s films do not appear to survive.  We’ll utilize this space for the odd little clip here and there.

This is a very short candid clip of Lillian and Dorothy Gish meeting Mary Pickford and her mother Charlotte Pickford.  The gentleman walking into the frame, and exiting is Dorothy’s husband, James Rennie. What I love about this clip is the reactions of Lillian Gish and Mary Pickford as they realize the newsreel camera is rolling.

2 Responses to Video

  1. Jim Davis says:

    Best wishes on your new book, if it’s as wonderful as your Valentiono book it’ll be a winner! A question – sometimes I can’t tell Dorothy from Lillian in photos, in the video is Dorothy the shorter one? again, best wishes, Jim D.

    • Dorothy says:

      Jim, many thanks for your kind words. Dorothy is the lady on the right, the last one to smile. Dorothy is in the dark clothing.

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