Dorothy’s Friends

Dorothy Gish was popular and well loved by colleagues and friends, alike.  Here are a few remembrances:

Dorothy is always enchantment
– Dame Anna Neagle

An angel’s face with twin devil eyes, a wonderfully wicked wry humor, quick, intelligent, warm, loving and oh so talented. – Carlton Carpenter

Dorothy was a hoydens’ hoyden, bubbling over with spontaneous fun that had no aftertaste of anything but innocent merriment.  There is something gently wonderful in remembering Dorothy.  Every memory comes wrapped in a smile. – Karl Brown

Dorothy was a joy! – Radie Harris

She could play anything, but her greatest brilliance was in comedy. – Luther Greene

To have known Dorothy was to have experienced something unique. – Nathan Kroll

Dorothy was always the most talented of the Gishes. – Lillian Gish

There was magic that shone from that tiny little gal with the full, beautiful voice and musical laughter. – Victoria Horne Oakie

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