About The Dorothy Gish Project

Working Title:
In Lillian’s Shadow: The Life and Career of Dorothy Gish.

Researching the life and career of silent film star Dorothy Elizabeth Gish.  She was one of the most popular film actresses of her age.  After the advent of sound, she made the decision to return to the stage.  She continued her long and successful stage career for the next four decades.  Her career has been overlooked and her life story is shrouded in mystery.

The author is seeking:

  • information
  • personal recollections
  • letters
  • documents
  • any ephemera on the life and career of Dorothy Gish

If you can help or simply want to voice virtual support for the project, please contact me at the following email address:

info (at) dorothy (dash) gish (dot) com

5 Responses to About The Dorothy Gish Project

  1. Ruby Mae says:

    I absolutely love Dorothy Gish! Was lucky to see her in Nell Gwynne (sp) at the Kansas Silent film Festival several years ago. She is my preferred Gish sister (sorry Lillian!)

  2. Dot & Lil says:

    Virtual support here! My company is named after Dorothy and Lillian Gish. Any further research into them and their lives is great!

  3. P wentworth says:

    There are numerous photos of Ms. Gish in Charleston SC circa 1920 on the set of Little Miss Rebellion. you might check out the May 2003 article in Charleston Magazine

  4. Suzette Nash says:

    Dorothy Gish had the most expressive hands.
    I love the Silent Screen.
    Good luck on your biogrpahy!!

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