The journey begins

With Rudolph Valentino: The Silent Idol completed, I’ve been bitten by the research bug.  To begin rediscovering Dorothy Gish, I’ve taken on a project I think I can really sink my teeth into.

Dorothy was a little less famous than her more ambitious sister Lillian.  That being said, Lillian always made a point to credit Dorothy as being the more talented sister.  This will be a journey of discovery in every sense of the word to find out who she was and hopefully what made her tick.

In speaking recently with theatre historian and author Miles Krueger, he said to me the instant her name came up “She was a real live wire!”  He said this with the brightest smile and dancing light in his eyes.  It was a recollection of unbridled joy. How can you not be intrigued by that?  This is one facet of Dorothy I hope to uncover as I begin this research journey.  I have a feeling that won’t be hard, her sense of humor precedes her.

The journey will not only be a virtual time travel back to find Dorothy and her extant films, it’s going to be a literal journey and I will be wading through paper and scrapbooks more than knee deep and not in my home office (at least not yet).  I can hardly wait!

I’ve already had some generous and wonderful help with some leads and preliminary material.  The list of acknowledgments is already growing and the process has barely begun.

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5 Responses to The journey begins

    • Dorothy says:

      Hello Gordon

      Is there any history behind this image? Any paperwork? I had no knowledge of Dorothy attending Alleghany Collegiate Institute. Fascinating!

      Thank you for sending me the link.

      Donna Hill

  1. Gordon Ernst says:

    I haven’t seen the original photo, just the scan. It seems to be part of a small collection of photos from the school. I added the metadata to this one, and I researched it at the time trying to verify that Dorothy had attended the school, but couldn’t find proof. It is dated c. 1913-1914, so she would have been 15 or 16 when the photo was taken. Apparently she had already started appearing in movies before this, so does it make sense that she would be attending school at this time? I don’t know the answer to that. She is recognizable in the center of the back row, though.

  2. Gordon Ernst says:

    Perhaps she was visiting someone at the school and happened to have her photo taken? It doesn’t really say she was a student there, I made that assumption.

    • Dorothy says:

      Well, it gives me food for thought on what she was doing there. Everything is new at this point, I will be contacting them about the original. Perhaps there is something useful on the backside of the photo. Again, thank you for contacting me.

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