The Dorothy Gish Project is Not Asleep

We’ve certainly not been resting, either.

Dorothy in New York 1920's

Dorothy in New York 1920's

Distracted by other projects and continuing to promote the Rudolph Valentino  book published last year, Dorothy has been pushed to the furthest of back burners.  This is about to change! 

A new source of research material has come to light and, goodness me, what a gold mine of information hidden therein.  It is waiting for me to search and download.  This delicous source has fired me back up to start the real digging in earnest.

Additionally, work will soon begin on sending some query letters to possible publishers.  Work on the book proposal will also being in earnest.

With a little luck and a little more free time, posts will be a little more regular here.  It’s such a worthy project, I really do believe this.  Dorothy is totally worth the effort.

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